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Information, results, schedules and high resolution pictures of major semi truck racing events in Europe.

semi truck racing

European Truck Racing Championships And Cups

This truck racing discipline is particularly popular in Europe, but it is deployed on every continent of the globe. The race trucks in those championships are powerful as well as speedy. The machines are very impressive. Today, the technical regulations imposed by the FIA mean that all trucks have similar performances. On the race track, this translates into time differences of the order of a hundredth. Each driver uses his machine to his maximum and is ready to do anything to get on the podium. It is not uncommon to see 3 or 4 trucks arrive abreast in a virage, while the track is designed only for the passage of 3 of them. Here You will find information about FIA truck racing championshipBritish truck racing championship and Coupe de France camions, together with free pictures of each truck, team, and driver to download!


fia truck racing

fia european truck racing championship


british truck racing championship

british truck racing championship


Coupe de France camions

Coupe de France camions

FIA European Truck Racing Championship

Every year since 1985, a European Championship of truck drivers and teams is organized and runs from May to October. European truck racing championship (ETRC) brings together racing trucks of the highest level. This discipline, governed by the International Automobile Federation (FIA). The championship is based on Grands Prix. Races contested on permanent closed racing circuits.

european truck racing championship

european truck racing championship

fia european truck racing championship

Team Luxo Sport – VOLVO 2017

fia truck racing

Iveco – Jochen Hahn Team

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British Truck Racing Championship

Already over 25 years, one of the oldest national truck racing championship takes place in the UK. And for today, more than 30 racing trucks take part in this British truck racing competition – BTRA. Among which are the world most famous trucks brands, like MAN, DAF, Volvo, Iveco, and others.

british truck racing

british truck racing championship 2017

truck racing uk

MAN Rooster Racing – Luke Taylor / GBR

British truck racing championship

Team Oliver Racing – Stuart Oliver / GBR – Volvo


The Coupe de France Camion

The Coupe de France Camion (FFSA) is very spectacular semi truck racing discipline and takes place on the most mythical circuits of France. Which includes famous 24 Hours Of Le Mans race track – true monument for this discipline. In this French truck racing series, the race trucks exceed 1000 horses power and limited at 160 km/h

Coupe de France camion

Coupe de France camion 2017

renault racing


volvo race truck


High Resolution Semi Truck Racing Pictures

If you’re an enthusiast of semi truck racing, browse and free download through the selection of high resolution race trucks pictures, which including images of MAN, DAF, Iveco, Renault, Mercedes, Scania, Volvo, Freightliner sports trucks. All of these photos were taken during FIA European Truck Racing Championship, British truck racing championship and Coupe de France Camion 2015, 2016, 2017.

iveco racing


Volvo racing


Freightliner racing truck


renault race truck


DAF racing


mercedes race truck

Mercedes Benz

Scania Racing


man racing truck


These high resolution pictures of trucks involving in semi truck racing series truly catch substance of this thrilling and energetic motorsport.